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Welcome GroundSpeed™

A few months back we started working with Spoke™ to begin rebranding JADR Consulting, LLC to communicate our core initiatives and services.  This will be a continual process and we look forward to communicating our message of making custom websites and mobile apps.  Our mobile apps are iPhone/iPad apps for the business to business market.  As…
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Kickstart(er) My Heart

In January, Gene Powell (Spoke), Jamie Wright (Brilliant Fantastic), and Don Miller (JADR) announced the launch of the Seed Coworking Community.  Over the past few months, we have worked hard to build out the venue in the St. Clair Village of downtown Toledo.  Coworking is essential for the creative people of Toledo to come collaborate and work together to better each other.  We are…
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iOS Hide Keyboard Method

Programming in iOS is fun, but it is sometimes difficult to find the simple things.  I have decided to document these "little things" when I come across them to share with others.  I am also a believer in writing posts that are great references for its author as well. Last week, I learned a nice…
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Creating a Terminal Shortcut for SubLime

At a recent programming (nerd) conference, I got to see the SubLime text editor in action and I liked what I had seen.  I have been a loyal user of TextMate, but I like some of the shortcut keys and the look and feel of SubLime.  The one issue I ran into immediately with SubLime…
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