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Announcing Seed Coworking

The time has come to announce a venture in 2012 that I am very excited about.  Over the past few months, I have joined Gene Powell (Spoke) and Jamie Wright (Brilliant Fantastic) in securing a venue for Toledo's first coworking community in the St. Clair Village of downtown Toledo.  Coworking is essential for the creative…
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Must Have iPad Apps for Newbies

I have several friends that have bought iPads in the past few months.  The first thing they always ask me is what iPad apps they should install. Dropbox Dropbox is a great tool to reference documents from your computer and/or documents in a folder that you are sharing with another team member or colleague. Evernote…
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Making the “ll” Alias for “ls -l” on Your Mac

I recently reinstalled OSx Lion on my MacBook Pro.  One of the first things I always do is add my alias for listing files in Terminal.  I am way too lazy to type "ls -l" and would like to use the "ll" command from my old HP Unix days.  There are a couple of ways…
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Past Versions of Xcode

Teaching in technology has always been a very difficult task because technology is changing so fast that we are constantly teaching outdated information.  Companies and educational institutions are going to standardize on a specific version of the developer tool to keep the team consistent on how they are generating code.  I have experience in the…
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