Must Have iPad Apps for Newbies

I have several friends that have bought iPads in the past few months.  The first thing they always ask me is what iPad apps they should install.
  1. Dropbox
    • Dropbox is a great tool to reference documents from your computer and/or documents in a folder that you are sharing with another team member or colleague.
  2. Evernote
    • Evernote is a great tool for keeping your notes in one place.  Even if you are a written notes person, you can take a snapshot of your handwritten notes and make them available on any of your computing devices.
  3. iAnnotate PDF
    • iAnnotate PDF is a great tool to sign documents and export them to a PDF.  It is the tool that truly allows me to be paperless.  It also works great with Dropbox.
  4. Penultimate
    • If you are a Moleskine user, then this is your digital version.  This is a great app for doing some drawings.  Send them to Evernote to keep them organized and in a central location.
  5. iThoughtsHD
    • This is a great mind mapper to organize your thoughts for any type of project.
  6. RDP
    • If you want to get to your desktop at home or the office, this is the tool to remote desktop in it.  The lite version works great, but it is worth the upgrade for the extra keys available.
  7. Kindle
    • I like to read on my iPhone and my iPad.  In the future I will probably buy a Kindle as well.  The iBooks app is definitely a mention; however, I already have a large inventory of books on the Kindle.
  8. Zinio
    • This will probably become an outdated app because of the new iOS 5 Newstand interface, but I have used Zinio for a long time to replace my paper magazines.  Their subscription rates are similar if I were to do any other annual magazine subscription.
  9. Flipboard
    • I love my Google Reader to get my news, but Flipboard takes those RSS feeds and turns into a personal magazine with the content from several personal choices, including Google Reader
  10. Twitter
    • I am not a big fan of Twitter's new layout and features; however, I have been a big fan of this Twitter client for so long that it had to make the list.

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