Reading mobi Files on the iPad Kindle App

There are very few paper books that I read today.  Even my technical books are read on my iPad.  Most books will offer a PDF file to open in iBooks or a mobi file that you can read with the Kindle App.  Most people (including myself a few months ago) do not realize that they can add a mobi file to their iPad and make it available on their iPad Kindle App.  The only thing you will need is a few minutes and a tool called the iPhone Explorer.  Here are the steps that I used to add my book to the Kindle App.  The reason I didn't buy the book through Amazon is because I already owned the hard copy, but the publisher offered an ePub version free of charge.

Steps to put ePub on Kindle iPad App


  1. Download your mobi file
  2. Download the iPhone Explorer app (available on Windows or Mac)
  3. Copy the mobi file from your Finder or Explorer window to the [AppsKindleLibraryeBooks] directory
  4. Once your iPad is finished syncing, open your Kindle app and you will find your book

What's the catch?

The catch is that it does not sync to your other devices, such as the iPhone.  However, you can go through the same steps for any iOS device.  It will not sync the last page read with the Kindle app.  It is not a picture perfect solution, but it is better than repurchasing the book (although the author and publisher may disagree).

Let me know if you have any other similar solutions with moving from the paper to the digital world.  Also, I would be interested to hear of any other uses you have for the iPhone Explorer.  I imagine there are many.



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